Sponsor wetlands and coasts

Sponsor wetlands and coasts

Wetlands and coasts provide important habitat for many species of endangered birds.

Kent Wildlife Trust’s Oare Marshes nature reserve is of international importance for migratory, over wintering and breeding wetland birds. Brent geese travel over 8,000 miles from Siberia to winter here. Help take care of all these amazing birds by sponsoring wetlands and coasts.

Sandwich and Pegwell Bay is made up of a complex mosaic of habitats including salt marsh and sand dunes. It is the best remaining complex of this type in south east England. This reserve is of international importance for its waders and wildfowl such as nationally important sanderling and golden plover.

Sponsoring 1 quarter acre of habitat costs £25

To order more than 1 quarter of an acre just change the quantity when you view your shopping cart i.e. for a whole acre change the quantity to 4.

The choice of gift cards are:

Buttercup (A)Sevenoaks (B)Snow Scene (C)

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